The Illuminati Destroyed Ancient Cultures

Thoth In The Slavic Past


When i started looking in this region i intended to find Thoth, but i hit a dead end as the gods with his description were many, I did not allow that to happen obviously and as though it was slapped in my face i found the reason his characteristics were found in multiple gods, “whats the reason i hear you ask?” Well if you have seen my previous blogs/vlogs i had a thought that maybe Thoth started Christianity to install a belief system in which he himself was a god and now i find that it was Christianity that almost put me off the scent. Book burning, witch burning, manipulation of religions, all of which can only lead to two reasons for doing such despicable acts…..destroying knowledge and covering up the truth. I will list the names of this beast so far and the commonalities the “legion” share at the end as a conclusion to my research within this region.

Veles’s god of magic and musicians

Veles managed to hold so many versatile attributes in ancient Slavic mythology and was not split into more characters until the arrival of Christianity, it is the same in other Indo-European mythologies, similar gods were also schematically divided into several different deities.

Veles was split into several different characters. As a he of course became identified with the Devil. His more benevolent sides were transformed to several Christian saints. As a protector of cattle, he became associated with Saint Blaise, popularly known among various Slavic nations, the first church built on the site of Veles’s pagan shrine was dedicated to St Blaise, for the latter’s name was similar to Veles and he was likewise considered a heavenly patron of shepherds. In many Eastern Slavic folk tales, he was replaced by St. Nicholas, probably because the popular stories of the saint describe him as a giver of wealth and a sort of a trickster.

So He was split up into several characters to confuse the next generation of pagans and installed into the control system he created. Don’t be confused with modern Christianity and its original origins as the Druids are the ones who protected its original state. Now you see a reason for their culture to be destroyed and demonised as the Druids were forbidden to share the knowledge with the wicked man.

Portrayed as having a penchant for mischief is evident both from his role in Storm myth and in carnival customs of Koledari shamans. In his role as a trickster god he is in some ways similar to both Greek Hermes and Scandinavian Loki, i did not know this until i started researching the ancient Slavic culture but two of my previous video’s are non other than Loki and Hermes and like those gods, he was also connected with magic. The word volhov, obviously derived from his name, in some Slavic languages still means sorcerer to this day, one of his offspring Boyan the wizard is Veles’s grandson. Since magic was and is closely linked to music in many societies, particularly earlier ones, Veles was also believed to be protector of travelling musicians. This can be connected with the sick Satanic mainstream music industry we see today.

Next is Svetovid

Svantovit or Sventovit is a Slavic deity of war, fertility and abundance primarily venerated on the island of Rügen into the 12th century. Sometimes referred to as Byali or Beli which means white, bright, shining “from this i hear the illuminated one?” Svetovid is often depicted with a sword or bow in one hand and a drinking horn in the other. Another important symbol included the white horse, which were kept in his temple.
Svetovid is associated with war and divination and depicted as a four-headed god with two heads looking forward and two back. A statue portraying the god shows him with four heads, each one looking in a separate direction, a symbolical representation of the four directions of the compass, and also perhaps the four seasons of the year or maybe as i see it it represents the King of the four corners of Earth which again would be Thoth.
Some interpretations claim that Svetovit was another name for Radegast, while another states that he was a fake god.

So i ask you, who logically would fit these descriptions as the Illuminated one, always holding a sword or bow, having a the pale white horse, associated with war/death and said to be a fake god?

Next is Gamayun

Is a prophetic bird of Slavic folklore. It is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge and lives on an island in the mythical east, close to paradise. Could this be Atlantis of which Thoth was King and is also the symbol of the 13 families that practically own the world which is he phoenix. The New world order is not going to happen….its been in place since the dawn of time.
In his esoteric cosmography Gamayuns are transformed into Archangels in Paradise. Is this the Archangel….Gabriel?
the situation of the royals is analogized as being like the Gamayuns, creatures who are a fusion of two beings, never succeeding in being either….Royalty have always been called bluebloods as their blood is said to turn blue obviously and which is common knowledge in the UK.


Is an archetypal male antagonist, described mainly as abducting the hero’s wife, he is described as tall and although in excellent health, extremely, almost inhumanly, thin. Koshchei in the old Krivichi dialect means “skeleton”. his name may be derived from the word kost, meaning “bone”, implying a skeletal appearance.
Koschei cannot be killed by conventional means targeting his body. His soul or death is hidden separate from his body inside a needle, within an egg, within a duck, within a hare, and is in an iron chest, sometimes the chest is crystal and/or gold, it is buried under a green oak tree, which is on the island of Buyan in the ocean. As long as his soul is safe, he cannot die. If the chest is dug up and opened, the hare will bolt away if it is killed, the duck will emerge and try to fly off. Anyone possessing the egg has Koschei in their power. He begins to weaken, becomes sick, and immediately loses the use of his magic. If the egg is tossed about, he likewise is flung around against his will. If the needle is broken, Koschei will die. This could be the key to Thoth’s immortality and may be an ancient description of genetic manipulation of which Thoth was a master of this craft and the key to un-creating himself.

The Conclusion of commonalities:

Magic and music
A trickster
Identified with the devil
god of the Underworld and dragons or dagons
A Shepard
Protector of cattle
Giver of wealth
Sorcerer like offspring
Protector of traveling musicians
Deity of war
White, bright , shining one
The pale white horse
Associated with the four corners of Earth
A fake god
Wisdom and knowledge
Soulless with the key to immortality
Tall and almost inhumanly thin
The possession of of Koshei’s egg seems uncannily like the tale of Solomon controlling or working with a demon.
An almost perfect match, this is not similar its almost twenty identical traits of his previous forms/names which are:
Thoth: Atlantis
Enki: Sumeria
Dagon/Sargon: Sumeria
Thoth: Egypt
Cyrus the great: Persia
Hermes: Greece
CERNunnos: Celtic region
Loki: Nordic
and now Veles/Svetovid/Koschei/Gamayun: Slavic region

The names of the beast will continue to increase but these are his names there are also the names he was also known as trickster etc which i will calculate at the the end of my journey.

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Thank you for your time, i hope you find this interesting as i do
to be continued….

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