Giant: King Gilgamesh

Giant King Gilgamesh, there is only one surviving Greek mention of Gilgamesh, in Aelian’s On Animals (Book 12, Chapter 24), a late encyclopedia of all things animal compiled by Claudius Aelianus 175 to 235 CE),a Roman writer who composed in Greek. This brief myth of the rescue of the infant Gilgamesh (here known by the name Gilga mos) bears no clear relationship with the Epic of Gilga mesh as known today. Claudius writes: When Euechorsos was king of the Babylonians, the Chaldeans predicted that a grandson would be born to his daughter, and he would deprive his grandfather of his kingdom. Fearing this thing, and if I may utter something of a joke, he acted as Acrisius toward his daughter for he ordered the strictest of watches kept over her. But yet the daughter (for fate had outsmarted the Babylonian king) gave birth to the child, having become pregnant by some uncertain man. But out of fear of the king, the guards threw the infant headlong from the citadel where the daughter was imprisoned……watch video for more….ancient mystery.

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