Ancient Mystery is a website where one can learn the secrets from within by understanding the ancient mysteries left to us by our legendary ancestry.

My name is Andrew Christie a fully qualified BRIGHT in the ancient meaning of the term. Changing profession from a Welding Engineer to Welding the past back together. History and belief are a delicate subject but I am proud to say that I have managed to create content that attracts the open-minded and also respects their own cultural perspectives.

As a child my mother read the Hobbit to me, a story I would be so familiar with also became a mental template as the works of Tolkien held a much larger picture, a multi-cultural perspective if you will. This actually gave me the ability to see what others cannot; hence, my purpose is to teach.

Our Mission

The purpose of Ancient-Mystery.com is to educate and interpret ancient texts with a modern perspective. Proving that one man can make a difference and that working alone is sometimes essential when attempting to lift the veil of understanding. A great journey begins with but a step.

Our History

My personal research extends as far back as I can remember, the ancient stories are absolutely captivating I have worked alone on this subject for nearly 10 years and in 2017 I decided to make my inner voice heard…welcome to Ancient-Mystery.com

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