Angel of the Lord [Malach Elohim]

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Angel Messenger of God

THE ANGEL OF THE LORD: The word Angel discovered various times in the scriptures of the bible. The term refers to a heavenly creature who conveys a connection from God to humans on Earth. In other words, the Angel is a messenger of God.

Angel of the Lord documentary created by Ancient Mystery

In this documentary, I stumble upon an odd connection to the Order of Melchizedek (also transliterated Melchisedech or Malki Tzedek.) The king of righteousness in Jerusalem. -to another King of Righteousness in ancient Jerusalem.

St Michael with Shining Sword

The Angel, Malakh YHWH, is the messenger of Yahweh. An entity that frequently arises in the old testament (Tanakh) in service of the god of Israel.

The angel of the lord standing with a drawn sword
The Gate Keeper

Angel of Elohim the Old Testament

In the Old Testament, Malakh displays itself a total of 65 times. Either as “an angel of the Lord” or the “Angel of the Lord.” The term usually thought to refer to human prophets rarely refers to a human messenger.

The Angel of Yahweh as an Avatar

The messenger angel appearing to Jacob, revealing the ladder to Heaven.

Most occurrences of the “angel of the Lord” leave the reader wondering whether an angel or YHWH emerged. Many solutions have been offered. Such as making the angel an earthly manifestation (avatar) of the God of Israel or Christ.

In the Catholic Encyclopedia (1907) Hugh Pope writes: 

“The earlier Fathers, going by the letter of the text in the Septuagint, maintained that it was God Himself who appeared as the Giver of the Law to Moses. It was not unnatural then for Tertullian to regard such signs in the light of preludes to the Incarnation. 

The Purpose of the Angel of the Lord by Ancient Mystery

Today we discover the true purpose of the Angel, who the Angel is thought to be and the darkness that surrounds IT.

Please leave a comment after watching the Ancient Mystery documentary, as I am interested in your perspective. Enjoy! -Ancient Mystery

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The Angel and the Battle of Jericho


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