Ancient Egyptian Demon [Shezmu – god of Blood]

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Shezmu documentary created by Ancient Mystery

In this ancient Egyptian documentary, you will learn about the blood god ShesmuSchesmu or Shezmu. The lion-faced god of the Egyptian netherworld. I cover the rituals and mythological narrative surrounding the dark Lion god Shezmu or Shesmu. 

Hieroglyph of Shezmu

Today, I explain the progress of the worship for the god of Blood, Shezmu, and to whom the later Egyptian sources of wine and perfume refer. 

In ancient Egyptian belief, the lion-faced god Shezmu would protect the Sun god Ra while travelling through the netherworld upon his solar barque.  

Shezmu; Fragments of Funerary Papyrus of Amduat_

We can see the prayers of Shesmu in Egypt occurred around the early old Kingdom period, 2700 BC – 2200 BC. The worship of the god continued until the Greco Roman period.  He became known for perfume and wine rather than his early, much darker aspects.

The term for Wine in ancient Egyptian belief was known as the Blood of the gods, so the later citations may serve to disguise this fact.

We can learn from the ancient Egyptian culture if one could only make sense of it. Have these demons been installed into this belief system, as is seen with many other regions? Join me as I walk the line and journey into our legendary past here on Ancient Mystery.

After watching the video, you will know who the god Shezmu is and what his worship became. Enjoy!

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