Immortal Hydra, a Cure? Science says YES!

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Hydra documentary created by A. Christie Ancient Mystery

The Immortal Hydra is Real

Welcome to Ancient Mystery. During my unrestricted studies of ancient history and mythology, a familiar thunderous theme arose—a revelation in the opposite polarity, one of Hydra being a cure not a curse.

Hercules wearing Lions mane, slaying the mythical Hydra with a Tree Club.


Mythical Hydra, battered by Hercules…although they are also Totemic; -fixed upon on another. 😉

My journey led to great revelation; the immortal Hydra genus is very real. It is immortal, self producing and god of the waters. This creature has more in common with a cure than a disease, as it senses out microbes and then destroys them. Hydra is symbiotic, hence the best analogy would be very similar to the movie Venom….not Carnage 😉

Where does Hydra live?

The immortal Hydra lives in warm clean alkaline waters found within inland freshwater systems in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. There are between 20-30 different species of Hydra. In addition the creature Hydra also shares and evolutionary link to Plant, animal and human life.

Depiction of Hydra; Uruk, 3000 BC.
The Oldest form of Hydra from Uruk in 3000 BC.

Is Hydra cursed by the Mythology itself? -Demonized

As you can see from the evolution of Hydra (pictured below,) the beast changed form over the years, becoming the fierce lion faced god, and with it, deeply obscure within the pages of mythology.

Evolution of the two headed hydra into the dog-like dragon Mushussu. 6 stages in total.
A symbiotic Hydra eventually becoming the fire breathing dragon of Marduk, Mushussu.

Hydra is symbiotic with algae, giving us the spirit in the water. The algae which feeds most fish in the sea, birds in the sky and people on Earth. In a biblical sense, it is Manna the flesh of Jesus; “eat of my flesh and you will live forever.” Hence I will continue to learn of Hydra…

Please watch the video documentary I created for you before you run off and learn a little more…

Hydra genus;

Wound Healing;

The above is but the tip of the ice berg 😉

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