The Legends of the Dragon, the serpent, the wolf, the dog, the Evil One, the Comet!

The Legends of the Coming of the Comet. In this Ancient Mystery documentary I present, in their order, the several stages of the great event and the first coming of the monster, the dragon, the serpent, the wolf, the dog, the Evil One, the Comet.

The ancient myths and legends contain vital information which has to be clearly understood. By looking from an alternative perspective we may be able to grasp the true context of these prophetic warnings.

Our ancient history is a collection of works that many people and researchers do not understand.

In this documentary I reveal the elements of this Comet. The descriptions from various cultures are vast, when looking at them all they become more and more familiar.

The warnings from our ancient ancestors is clear and the sacred ancient texts may hold the key to understanding what and when this my happen…again.

There are man Comet legends to follow and enrich my work, hope you enjoy it.


Creator and Narrator A.G.Christie

A researcher, explorer and your guide through the ancient mystical sacred texts of old.

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