The Shadow Creature Rabisu

The evil Vampire spirits or demons known as Rabisu or Rabasa, “the Lurker”. This demon of the House is always said to be menacing the entrance of houses, IT hides away in the dark corners, lurking and waiting to pounce.

These shadow-like creatures are said to be banned with salt…but, salt is used to make the circle??? Never mind In the Underworld, the Rabisu live in the Desert of Anguish, attacking newly arrived souls as they travel down the Road of Bone to the City of the Dead. The demons of ancient history and mythology all seem to have a similar supernatural shadow-like element to them. A pitch black shadow, no light in it’s body…and menacing to mankind yet, fascinating to say the least…there is much to be learned…do not fear, welcome to M7Doc…

A researcher, explorer and your guide through the ancient mystical sacred texts of old.

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