Anu the Father of the Seven Anunnaki

Anu the Father of the group of Seven deities known as the Anunnaki. The secret of Anu is revealed, he has another side… Along with En-lil and Ea, Anu makes up the universal Anunnaki triad. He is called the ‘father of the gods,’ but appears to be descended from still older deities. The name Anu was discovered in the inscriptions from the time of Khammurabi, notices that occur, seem to have already fixed his position as a ruler of the sky. The cult of Anu was associated with the city of Erech. It is probable that he had been the original Sumerian sky-father, as his name is merely a form of the Sumerian word for ‘heaven.’ This idea is assisted by the manner in which his name is originally written in the inscriptions, as the symbol signifying it is usually that employed for ‘heaven.’ It is plain to see that Anu was once regarded as the expanse of heaven itself, Several writers who deal with Anu appear to be of the opinion that a god of the heavens is an ‘abstraction.’ The conception of a god of heaven fits in with the comparatively advanced period when the seats of the gods were placed in the skies and the gods identified with the stars.” So t his would be after the Tiamat and Marduk legend. Jastrow proceeds to state that “Anu was originally the personification of some definite power of nature, and everything points to this power having been the sun in the heavens. Anu was regarded as head of the triad and the father of En-lil. The goddess Aruru first shaped man in the image of Anu, who attained an anthropomorphic condition. He appears also to have been regarded as the conqueror of primeval chaos….one of many…please watch the video for more information on the Father of the Anunnaki gods Anu.

Created Narrated and by A.Christie.

Information: Professor A.H.Sayce Lewis Spence and A.Christie

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