Nergal: Son of the Anunnaki gods

The Ancient Demon Nergal, the raging King of the Anunnaki. “Those writers who preserve me” is of great interest; and of course there is “something” lurking beneath the surface… Nergal was the patron god of Cuthah, eastward from Babylon. He was a god of extremely ancient origin, the first inscription which alludes to him is dated about 2700 B.C. Nergal is mentioned in the Old Testament (2 Kings xvii 30) as an idol whom the Babylonians brought with them. Nergal seems to have had a close connection with the nether world and the Anunnaki, indeed he is practically the head of its pantheon. He appears to have been a god of gloom and the afterlife, and his name may signify the lord of the great dwelling place,’ that is, the grave. We find him associated with pestilence and famine, but he has also a solar significance. He is indeed the sun in its malevolent form, fierce and destroying, for in myth the sun can be evil as well as good. We thus find the solar power depicted as a fierce warrior slaying his thousands and tens of thousands. It is quite possible for a solar deity to have an underworld connection. As god of the netherworld Nergal has a host of demons at his command, and it may be these who complete his orders in spreading pestilence and war. Where he goes misery follows in his wake. At times he is called the “god of fire,” the “raging king,” “he who burns,” and the demon god Nergal is mostly identified with the fierceness of flame. Dibarra was probably a variant of Nergal, in his guise as solar destroyer. Concerning Dibarra a strange myth is recounted and is as follows: “The sons of Babylon were as birds and thou their falconer. In a net thou didst catch them, enclose them, and destroy them, 0 warrior Dibarra/Nergal. The atrocious acts of Dibarra/Nergal the Destroyer roused the Annuanki Ea/Enki, the god of humanity, and filled him with wrath.” The Anunnaki gods do appear to in the tales but they are not named as such… Created, Narrated and Produced by A.Christie (Ancient Mystery)

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