Enki the Anunnaki god of the Abyss

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The Anunnaki god of Wisdom EA/EN.KI

Enki the Anunnaki god of water and Abzu, “House of knowledge.” The third of the great Babylonian triad of gods, which consisted of Anu, Enlil, and himself. This documentary looks at the bigger picture concerning the mysterious Anunnaki gods of ancient Mesopotamia. 

translation of the name EN.KI, "my initiative." Although it can also mean Earth key.


Ea/Enki was a god of the waters, and like Anu is called the ‘father of the Anunnaki gods.’ As a god of the Abyss; Ea is a deity of wisdom and occult power, allegorically associated with the idea of depth or profundity. 

Ea/Enki as the father of Marduk

Ea was the father of Merodach/Marduk, he offered consultation to him on the most important matters -connected with his kingship of the gods. Lord Ea/Enki, is a god, consulted by individuals of all classes.

Marduk/Merodach. son of Enki; depicted in bird form.

Enki was the god of artisans in general—blacksmiths, stone-cutters, sailors, and artificers of every kind. The patron of prophets and seers. His home, the Abyss, is where the seeds of everything originate. Enki appears to have fostered reproduction of every description.

Ea/Enki was supposed to dwell beside Anu, who inhabited the pole of the ecliptic. 

Temple and Worship of Enki

The site of his chief temple was at Eridu, which stood before the waters receded, upon the shore of the Persian Gulf. 

Many confusing myths are connected with him, and he seems in some measure to enter into the Babylonian myth of the deluge. Thus very different from the god En-lil, the ‘lord of heaven’ who possesses many attributes of destruction.

Ea/Enki, in his compassionate way, thwarts the purpose of the riotous god of tempest, which greatly enrages En-lil. The two religious centres of Eridu and Nippur were the cities of Ea and En-lil, respectively.

The Domain of EA

En-ki, is described as ‘lord of the earth’ through which his waters zig zagged. 

In such a country as Babylonia, with earth and water are closely associated; as under that soil water is always to be found at a distance of a few feet: thus the interior of the earth is the domain of Ea/Enki. 

As always there is more information within the documentary I have created for you.

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