The Fallen Angel – The Arrival of the Alien god

Comet legends

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The Fallen Angel and The Arrival of the Alien god, myth means account; and here we have a perfect case to confirm that this is fact and not fiction. A compilation of information from three key areas reveals a series of unfortunate events. Combining this with a bit of vision and understanding; here, we have the elements of mythology finally displayed as truth kept alive in poetry’s foliage.

The Fallen One

Comet Coggia, 1874; A picture of a Comet which has the appearance of an Christmas tree angel.
Comet Coggia, 1874 The Fallen Angel

The Comet legends led to many ancient sacred texts handed down to us; written in the story and repeated in oral history. As such, Ragnarok played a crucial role and appeared to be a book of riddles more than anything else. Nevertheless, here we are, the lord of light that fell from Heaven. The lifeforms that the god of fertility sowed appear to come from the red clay. The information on the Eocene epoch confirms this and the asteroid/Comet Oumuamua.

The Distant Messenger; The Fallen One


Oumuamua is the first known interstellar object identified passing within the Solar System.

(The messenger/guide, hence the Alien god) shows how IT may have been aboard a similar vessel, so to speak; born of the darkness and the great abyss. We can see how an alien god can fall upon the Earth, and that this event is not so far fetched.

Angel of the North; Gateshead UK; inspired by the Coggia Comet

The Eagle, the Lion, the Serpent…the Dragon arrived on Earth a very long time ago. The Fallen Angel known in all lands to all ancient peoples. There truly are elements of myth among the truths that are hidden in plain sight. There are many myths and legends about the coming of God to the shores of Earth, but a God who must travel cannot be the God of All…so just what is IT?

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