Jinn – Demons with Human Form


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Welcome to Ancient Mystery; today, I take a look at the supernatural Jinn. Known as djinn or genies. They are spirits or demons and depending on the source, the Jinn are Supernatural creatures.

Nature and Origin of the Jinn

Jinn is neither evil nor good. Accordingly, Islam was well-fitted to adopt spirits/gods from other religions during its development. Djinn is not a strictly Islamic concept; they may symbolise several pagan beliefs integrated into Islam.

Other than the Djinn, Islam does acknowledge the existence of demons, here known as Shayatin. The lines were blurred, an either/or scenario. -as above, so below.

Nevertheless, both Islam and non-Islamic scholarship usually distinguishes between angels, Jinn and demons as three different types of spiritual entities in Islamic traditions.

The Gate

Characterisation of the Jinn

The Jinn are classified as demons. They can be both evil and good, while genuine demons are exclusively evil. In Islamic context, a term for a collective classification for any supernatural creature.

They also to refer to a specific type of supernatural creature. Some scholars interpret the word to mean, literally, “beings concealed from the senses”.

Plural Form is not Jinni

Jinn is a plural, the singular being jinni. The origin remains undecided. It may relate to the Arabic term to the Latin genius. An invisible entity roamed the earth before Adam, created by God out of a “mixture of fire” or “smokeless fire”.

Hydra symbol, half eagle/half skull

The Jinn were much faster and stronger than humans. They also related to heavenly beings; a sub-category of angels or a tribe of angelic creatures, who are can sin and create from fire, unlike their light-created counterparts.

Confusion over the Djinn

However, these jinns must be distinguished from the pre-Adamite jinn-race. Who share many characteristics with humans instead of angels. Every demon and every angel is also a Djinn, but not every Djinn is an angel or a demon? Sorry but that is the “same forwards as back” or “as above, so below.”

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