The Supernatural Jinn – Demons with Human Form

The Supernatural Jinn. Known as Jinn djinn or genies , they are spirits or demons, depending on source, the Jinn are Supernatural creatures. Since jinn are neither innately evil nor innately good, Islam was able to adapt spirits from other religions during its expansion. Jinn are not a strictly Islamic concept, rather, they may represent several pagan beliefs integrated into Islam. Besides the jinn, Islam acknowledges the existence of demons (Shayāṭīn). The lines between demons and jinn are blurred, since malevolent jinn are also called shayāṭīn. However both Islam and non-Islamic scholarship generally distinguishes between angels, jinn and demons (shayāṭīn) as three different types of spiritual entities in Islamic traditions. The jinn are distinguished from demons in that they can be both evil and good, while genuine demons are exclusively evil. In an Islamic context, the term jinn is used for both a collective designation for any supernatural creature and also to refer to a specific type of supernatural creature. Some authors interpret the word to mean, literally, “beings that are concealed from the senses”. Jinn is properly treated as a plural, with the singular being jinnī. The origin of the word Jinn remains uncertain. Some scholars relate the Arabic term jinn to the Latin genius. An invisible entity, who roamed the earth before Adam, created by God out of a “mixture of fire”or “smokeless fire”. But they were much faster and stronger than humans. Jinn are also related to heavenly beings, a sub-category of angels or a tribe of angelic beings, who is able to sin and created from fire, unlike their light-created counterpart. However these jinn must be distinguished, from the pre-Adamite jinn-race, who share many characteristics with human, instead of angels. Every demon and every angel is also a jinn, but not every jinn is an angel or a demon. Another Islamic prophet, who is related to interactions with jinn, is King Solomon, who was gifted by God to talk to animals and jinn. God granted him authority over the rebellious jinn or marid, thus Solomon forced them to build the First Temple. Beliefs regarding Solomon and his power over the jinn were later extended in folklore and folktales. The supernatural qualities of jinn does not mean they are transcendent to nature, but that they appear so in relation to human’s perception of nature, due to their invisibility. They are “natural” in the classical philosophical sense by consisting of an element, undergoing change and being bound in time and space. Thus they are not purely spiritual, but also physical in nature, being able to interact in a tactile manner with people and objects, and also subject to bodily desires like eating and sleeping. Narrated, Created and Produced by A.Christie

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