Fires of Samael – Fallen Angels

The Fires of the Fallen Angel, Samael/Samūm the Prince of Darkness. Samum is a demon/fallen angel in Ancient Arabic lore and later Islamic beliefs. As a kind of fire, it is also the origin of some kinds of evil spirits, and further identified with both the fires of Satan and the fire of the sun. The Samum probably originated from Jewish lore as an anthropomorphism of poisonous wind, which was probably also the origin of the concept of Samael and his lesser devils. Islam further develops the relation between the fires of Samum and Satan by asserting, that he or at least his minor devils, are created from the fires of Samum. The term Samūm is also used of referring to a hot, dusty desert wind. In Talmudic and post-Talmudic literature the wind of Samum became a demon and the name of the Midrashic devil Samael is linguistical related to it. Johann Gottfried Eichhorn relates the term to the Three Days of Darkness in Book of Exodus. Accordingly, the darkness comes with the tempest of Samum. In the Quran the term appears in Quran 56:42 as the tormenting fires of Jahannam. Both fires became usually associated with dangerous spirits. Later, Manichaeans referred to the pestilential wind in one of the five Kingdoms of the Prince of Darkness as Samum. The Pre-Islamic Bedouins believed in various spirits, such as jinn, Afarit and demons. One of these spirits is the whirlwind Samum and the belief in this demon persisted throughout Islamic history. Turkish sources describe the Samum as a creature, which grew envious of mankind and their love for God turned into hatred. Whereupon they had been cast out of God’s mercy and joined Satan and his demons, honouring him as their new deity. Many mufassirs however, do not refer to Samum as a creature on its own but to the origin of a specific entity. Authorized by Ibn Abbas, Tabari distinguishes between angels created from light, the jinn created from a mixture of fire, and Iblis and the angels among him as created from the Fires of Samael/Samum. In some accounts, this tribe of angels is called Al-Hinn. Another story regards the Fires of Samum as the origin of a wife for Iblis, created by God after Iblis was banished from heaven, with whom he begot the demons.

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