Azazel the Angelic Jinn Gate Keeper

Azazel/Azazil the Jinn Gate Keeper. Who is Azazel, what does his name really mean? Welcome to Ancient Mystery. The name Azazil in Arabic is as Ḥārith is the name of the devil before he was expelled from heaven. He is usually seen as an archangel, but also regarded as a jinn according to some reports. Although the name probably derives from Azazel, the fallen angel in the Book of Enoch, Azazel’s name alone means he is among the archangels. According to the reports of the Sahaba, before Iblis was expelled from heaven, he was called Azazil (Azazel). There are two different depictions of Iblis/Azazel. One with Azazil beginning as a noble angel who later loses his position, while the other counts him as an ignoble jinn, who works his way up to heaven. Azazil was the leader of angels and sent by God to terminate the jinn, who lived on earth before humanity. After his victory, he grew arrogant and declined God’s command to prostrate himself before Adam. Arguing that he was superior to humans, God expelled him from heaven. In an 8th century Ismaili work, Azazil is the first creation of God, the High King. God gave him the power of creation, but Azazil boasted with his loaned power, claiming divinity for himself, every time, Azazil again claims to like God, he and his fellow angels lose a colour, becoming darker and inferior, and are thrown into lower celestial spheres until they end up on earth, which is made out of the essence of Azazil’s creations. As with the Gnostic Demiruge, Azazil traps the life-forces of the heavenly realm and captures them in the material realm.

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