Metatron the Archangel – Beware of Him

The archangel Metatron

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Who or what is the Metatron? Why should we “Beware of Him?”

The Babylonian Talmud specifies Metatron in three places: Hagigah 15a, Sanhedrin 38b, and Avodah Zarah 3b.

Hagigah 15a contains a description in which Metatron is sitting in Paradise. Although sitting in the presence of God was forbidden. Therefore Elishah ben Abuyah looked upon the Archangel as a deity and stated: “There are indeed two powers in Heaven!”

God sitting on Throne, face hidden with bright light and surrounded by angels.


The angel is the right and of God, and voice of the Lord. A recording angel who writes down the good and bad deeds of humanity before they can ascend to Heaven.

Metatron’s role as a Heavenly Scribe

Rabbi’s suggested that he had permission to sit due to his function. The proof given to Elisha explaining he was not a deity was the fact that he received sixty lashes or strokes from firey rods. Demonstrating that he was an angel as he could be punished.

Is it just me, or would one have to defy God to be punished?

In Sanhedrin 38b Rabbi Idith was enlightened and told; “that Metatron should be idolised because he has a title like his master.” Rabbi Idith uses the very same passage, Exodus 23:21, to show that he was an angel and not a deity and should not be worshipped. As an angel, Metatron has no power to pardon transgressions, and he was not to be received even as a messenger of forgiveness.

The Angel of the Lord is Deaf.

Yevamot 16b records an assertion attributed to the Prince of the World: “I have been young, and now I am old.” In rabbinic tradition, this utterance is attributed to Metatron.

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The underlying reality of the Archon rulers;

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