Hermopolis: Temple of Thoth – House of the Net

The Temple of Thoth is the House of the Net. The are many mentions of Mystical and magical nets within the mythologies. There is an alternative name for the Temple of Thoth also known as Khemennu, or the City of Eight, it was also named Ḥet Ȧbtit, or “House of the Net” a very curious expression.

From Ch. cliii. of the Ritual, however, we learn that there was a mysterious Net which, as Wallis E Budge states, “was supposed to exist in the Underworld and that the deceased regarded it with horror and detestation. Every part of it—its poles, ropes, weights, small cords, and hooks—had names which he was obliged to learn if he wished to escape from it, and make use of it to catch food for himself, instead of being caught by ‘those who laid snares.’”

Interpreting this from the mystical standpoint of the doctrine of Rebirth, or the rising again—that is to say, of the spiritual resurrection of those who had died to the darkness of their lower natures and had become alive to the light of the spiritual life, and this too while alive in the body and not after the ending of this physical frame

I would venture to suggest that this Net was the symbol of a certain condition of the inner nature which shut in the man into the limitations of the conventional life of the world, and shut him off from the memory of his true self. The poles, ropes, weights, small cords, and hooks were symbols of the anatomy and physiology, so to say, of the invisible “body” or “carapace” or “egg” or “envelope” of the soul.

The normal man was meshed in this engine of Fate; the man who received the Mind inverted this Net, so to speak, transmuted and transformed it, so that he could catch food for himself. “Come ye after me and I will make you fishers of men.” The food with which the “Christ” nourishes his “body” is supplied by men.

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