City of Giants in Ecuador

Ecuador and the lost city of giants, Yet another tale of seafaring giant invaders, from peoples who were not known to each other how could this be unless the myths are true another ancient mystery. The objects of antiquity found on the coast of Ecuador, especially the remarkably sculptured stone seats of giants and other matters, attest to the advanced skill of some unknown people long before recorded history. Today, there is no knowledge obtainable of the earliest settlement of the Ecuadorian coast. According to Velasco the native historian of Ecuador writing in 1789, the first people of whom definite facts are known were the Caras, who were an immigrating or invading people, they came by sea on larger craft in a not very remote epoch, possibly during the 6th or 7th century A.D. The Giants were superior in intelligence and culture to the natives, conquering all, and rapidly covered the territory of the barbarians of the district. The history of the Caras is however wrapped in speculation and obscurity, and their migration uncertain. Please watch the video for more information on the Lost City of Giants from Ecuador.

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