Albion the Son of Poseidon

Albion is the son of Poseidon and oldest known name of the island of Great Britain. Today, it is still sometimes used poetically to refer to the island. Albania was Anglicised as Albany, which were once alternative names for Scotland with other variations of the same name for England Ireland and wales. In the complex mythology of William Blake, Albion is the primeval man whose fall and division result in the Four Zoas. The name derives from the ancient and mythological name of Britain, Albion. In the mythical story of the founding of Britain, Albion was a Giant son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea a huge ancient mystery. He was a contemporary of Heracles, who killed him. Albion founded a country on the island and ruled there. Britain, then called Albion after its founder, was inhabited by his Giant descendants until about 1100 years before Julius C├Žsar’s invasion of Britain, when Brutus of Troy came and defeated the small number of Giants that remained (as a group of the Giants had killed all the others) Please watch the video for more information on Albion and the British Giants from Celtic mythology at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube.

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