Barbarian Goths: Empires Fall And Rise With The Aid Of The Scythe

The Goths, Empires Fall And Rise With The Aid Of The Scythe, an ancient mystery. The Goths were an East Germanic people, who played an important role in the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the emergence of Medieval Europe. The Goths dominated a vast area, which at its peak under the Germanic king possibly extended all the way from the Danube to the Don, and from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea The Goths have been referred to by many names, perhaps at least in part because they comprised many separate ethnic groups. The exact origin of the ancient Goths is unknown.

Upon their arrival on the Pontic Steppe, the Germanic tribes adopted the ways of the Eurasian nomads the Scythians. The first Greek references to the Goths call them Scythians, since they came from the same area along the Black Sea.

The application of that designation to the Goths appears to be not ethnological but rather geographical and cultural, the latter in reference to the Greeks’ considering both the ethnic Scythians and the Goths to be barbarians. Goths were subsequently heavily recruited into the Roman Army to fight in the Roman-Persian Wars, notably participating at the Battle of Misiche in 242.

The Roman Empire, organized a wide scale massacre of Goths in Asia Minor, Syria and other parts of the Roman East. Fearing rebellion, Julian lured the Goths into the confines of urban streets from which they could not escape and massacred soldiers and civilians alike. As word spread, the Goths rioted throughout the region, and large numbers were killed. In their villages of 50 to 100 people, there were four or five elite couples. Initially practising Gothic paganism, the Goths were gradually converted to Arian Christianity.

There are also Ancients who wrote about the Goths:

Ammianus Marcellinus wrote that Hunnic domination of the Gothic kingdoms in Scythia began in the 370s. The 4th Century Greek historian Eunapius described the Goths’ powerful build in a pejorative way. Their bodies provoked contempt in all who saw them, for they were far too big and far too heavy for their feet to carry them, they were pinched in at the waist, just like those insects Aristotle writes of. The 6th Century Byzantine historian Procopius wrote that the Goths were tall and blond haired
For they all have white bodies and fair hair, and are tall and handsome to look upon.Please watch the video for more information at on the Goths and various other Tribes at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube.

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