European Explorers Meet Living Giants

Nephilim Sightings from European Explorers. Some present day Native American tribes still recite the legends of the Giants and how their ancestors fought wars against them when they arrived in North America 15000 years ago
only to find the Giants already here.
Others, like the Aztecs and Mayans recorded their encounters with a race of giants to the north when they ventured out on expeditions.

European Explorers Meet Living Giants

The earliest Western explorers who wrote about the giants of North America included Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, Spanish explorer Desoto, and Commodore Byron the grandfather of the famous poet, Lord Byron. in 1520 near the harbor of San Julian, Mexico. There, Magellan and his crew came upon a red-haired giant that stood nearly ten feet tall and whom Magellan described as having a “voice like a bull.” Later, Magellan learned from normal-sceremonial and religious sites that have been covered over with earth as the centuries marched forward.
Most mounds resemble small, flattened hills. These are Kurgan mounds and they are found on every continent.

The mounds are scattered throughout the Midwest from as far south as Tennessee stretching northwards into Wisconsin, westwards to Oklahoma, and eastwards into West Virginia.
Excavation of most mounds has unearthed many artifacts and the remains of average-sized humans. But older mounds have been discovered containing the skeletal remains of giants . . .
giants with red hair. Yet, in relation to the number of the mounds that exist barely any have been investigated.
The few gigantic skeletons found in some have been derisively dismissed or suppressed as aberrations.
Ten and twelve foot humans do not fit dogmatic theories.
Usually when giant skeletons are found they’re laughed off as hoaxes. Unfortunately orthodox science has too much to lose by investigating the mounds thoroughly watch video for more, ancient mystery.

Archaeologists cannot deny that the mound builders are real. What they deny are the things sometimes discovered inside the mounds. Please watch the video for more information on the European Explorers sightings of the Nephilim Giants at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube.

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