Buffalo Bill’s Account of the Nephilim Giants

Buffalo Bill’s account of The Nephilim Giant’s. There are two divergent views concerning giant men. 1. The evolutionary approach is that from a savage and primitive start, isolated animals developed into cavemen, who, by trial and error, will eventually become supermen.
Giants never existed, because there have been no fossil finds from which we can infer the existence of such a race.

  1. A totally opposite claim comes from those who accept the Bible as factually true
    They claim that from a higher, blissful condition, man has fallen and has deteriorated
    They insist that man was created with a noble physique and a powerful brain, which have degenerated through wrong living

Originally, “there were Giants.” They overran the earth with “mighty” wonders
A cosmic disaster (known as the Deluge, or the Great Flood) intervened
It wiped out that original world, and drastically altered the topography, fertility and climate of the planet

In the impoverished environment which followed the Deluge, degeneration was accelerated.
However, for some time there persisted a significant, though decreasing proportion of mankind who retained enormous stature

Their intellect and physique remains a ancient mystery and legendary

In the 1879 autobiography of Bill Cody of Buffalo Bill fame, Cody and his friends were five miles above Ogallala on the South Platte when a Pawnee Indian came to their camp with the bones of a giant
The surgeon in their group confirmed one of the bones to be a human thigh bone. Then the Indian related to them a curious legend

According to Buffalo Bill’s own account,
“The Indians claimed that the bones they had found were those of a person belonging to a race of people who a long time ago lived in this country
That there was once a race of men on the earth whose size was about three times that of an ordinary man,
they were so swift and powerful that they could run along-side of a buffalo, taking the animal in one arm and could tear off a leg while eating the meat as they walked. Please watch the video for more information on Buffalo Bill and his account of the Nephilim Giants at mythology explored by ancient mystery on youtube

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