The Rival Giants of Logan’s Rock


The Rival Giants of Logan’s Rock is a tale of the location of the Cyclopean masonry, labelled as the “Giant Ladies Chair”, “the Giants Fort” etc. This is one of many Nephilim Giant documentaries to come. The sons of the Fallen were in many lands.

In this local myth there is betrayal and deceit, elements of which are in many of the legendary stories and myths of old. There are clearly two breeds of which clashed on Earth long ago…according to mythologies in many ancient cultures. The Celtic Titans appear to be the older race of Giants, not simply men of great size and strength…but real giants, huge and as tall as the trees.

Please watch the video for more information, or visit Mythology Seven Documentaries by A.Christie as I go deeper than ever before down this dark rabbit hole.

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Ordulf the Giants (The last Welsh Bard) and King Edward I:

Key to the Giants Castle:

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