King Edward and the Giant Ordulf – A Real Game of Thrones

King Edward I has legend attached to his name. In this documentary based on the work of John Milton and his work on Giants in the British Isles namely “Ordulf the Giant”, I picked up on a real game of thrones scenario where the King and the Giant are friends who come to a bitter end. The turn of events become historical which leads to being very interesting as you will see.

The Giants were all over the Earth according to many ancient texts and scripture as Nephilim, Giants, Anakim, or Titans among many others, they were known as the builder race and their legacy is still standing. I will be creating documentaries on all the giants I have came across during my research. Welcome to M7…

Welcome to M7 documentaries by A.Christie



Written by John Milton
additional information/interpretation
by A.Christie

Music by Damiano Baldoni
“Celtic Warrior”
Source: FMA Music Archive

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