Thoth and the Ogdoad Powers

The Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth was regarded as the head of a Company of Eight, who are known as four pairs of divinities or divine powers, each a conjunction or opposition of male and female powers, positive and negative, active and passive, the oldest example of the Gnostic Ogdoad. Budge, however, squarely declares that “the four pairs of gods of Hermopolis belong to a far older conception of the theology than that of the company of gods of Heliopolis.”

If this judgment is well founded, we have here a most interesting parallel in the Osirian type of our Trismegistic literature, in which Osiris and Isis look to Hermes/Thoth as their teacher, and as being far older and wiser than themselves.

Thoth has to be the most mysterious and heavily debated god in his-story;

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nypl.digitalcollections.Scene with sacred bull, sema-symbol, and the gods Haroeris and Thoth-public domain-
nypl.digitalcollections.Pantheon. Thoth.public domain-
weighing of the soul-public domain-
Ottobeuren_basilika_ottobeuren_altar_of_the_guardian_angel_003-public domain-edited-zoommp4-by.A.Christie
Ottobeuren_basilika_ottobeuren_altar_of_st_benedict_003-public domain-edited(zoom)-by A.Christie

MP4 backgrounds:

Eye of Wadjet-a spiral Vortex
Egyptian heiroglyph spiral
Jesus on the mound
The Entity of the Matrix
Thoth bringer of light
Griffins in smoke
by A.Christie (M7)

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Track:” Land Forgotten” by Jay Man

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