The Anunnaki Gods are Born

The mysterious Anunnaki gods are known under many forms, consisting mainly of Anu, Enki, Enlil, and Ishtar. The Council of Seven is a later creation, they were never worshipped as a group. In this Anunnaki Documentary we will look at the moment the gods were born in the hearts and minds of the peoples of ancient Mesopotamia. Some believe the Anunnaki are alien gods from another world named Nibiru or alien beings from another dimension or realm. Who knows for sure…but it’s bloody interesting to say the least. Enjoy -A.Christie

Credits/Added value:

All visuals are brought to life
made using Public Domain or CCa materials
by A.Chistie (Mythology Seven)

Additional educational Value
by A.Christie

Connections and modern Interpretations “inferences”
by A.Christie

Video Edited/Created
by A.Christie

by A.Christie

by A.Christie

Birth of the Gods by the Legendary Lewis Spence-Public Domain
and A.Christie

Image Credits:
Momus_Tarot-United States public domain tag

1561_v._Heemskerck_Momus_tadelt_die_Werke_der_Goetter-public domain-

+CC0 –universal public domain images

heaven-God-time-Created by A.Christie

anu-god of the sky-created by A.Christie

Poseidon-goddess-created by-A.Christie
Mother God-created-by-A.Christie

Music Credit:

” Don’t look inside”
Source: Youtube CC0 archive

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Mythology Seven Documentaries by A.Christie

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