World Tree of Eridu in ancient Mesopotamia

The Mesopotamian World Tree of Eridu. The World Tree is found in many mythologies and religions, this documentary on the World Tree of ancient Mesopotamia adds to the mystery of our ancient origins. The primitive home of Tammuz had been in that garden of Edin, or Eden, which Babylonian tradition placed in the immediate vicinity of Eridu. The fragment of an old bilingual hymn has been preserved, which is contained in the video. The Babylonian poet evidently imagined his tree also to be a world-tree, whose roots stretched downwards into the abysmal deep, where Ea/Enki presided, nourishing the earth with the springs and streams that forced their way upwards from it to the surface of the ground. Please watch the video for more information on the World Tree of Eridu.

Image Credits:
Cedars01(js)-cca by sa 3.0-by-Jerzy Strzelecki-
Eridu_mound4c.8-cca by sa 3.0-by-English Wikipedia user Cush-
John_Henry_Fuseli_-_The_Nightmare-United States public domain tag-
Mt._Hermon_from_Manara(GllSprng_319PAN)-public domain-
The_Ash_Yggdrasil_by_Friedrich_Wilhelm_Heine-public domain-
Mesopotamia-World Tree-thumbnail/intro/backgrounds-by-ANCIENT MYSTERY-
+Pixabay images/video all CC0

Music Credit:

Damiano Baldoni “ Elio contro Atlante”

Info: Public Domain

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Channel: Mythology Seven Documentaries (ANCIENT MYSTERY)

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