Tales of the Fallen One – Babylonian Mythology

This must be the oldest tale of the Fallen Angels on record. The Fallen One. “The scribes of Assur-bani-pal have preserved for us the mutilated copy of a bilingual poem, or part of a poem, which recounted the flight of Zu to the mountain of ‘Sabu or Kis. and is as follows: “Lugal-tudda (fled) to the mountain a place remote. In the hill of ‘Sabu he dwelt. No mother inhabits it and cares for him.
No father inhabits it and associates with him. No priest who knows him assist him. He who changed not the resolution, even the resolution of his heart, in his own heart he kept his resolution. Into the likeness of a bird was he transformed, into the likeness of Zu the divine storm-bird was he transformed, His wife uplifts the neck.
The wife of Zu, the son of Zu, may he cause them to dwell in a cage, even the god of the river-reeds Enna and the goddess the lady of the basket of river-reeds Gu-enna. From his mountain, he brought her, as a woman fashioned for a mother made beautifully, the goddess of plants, as a woman fashioned for a mother made beautiful. In a place unknown in the mountain he made his tomb.” It will be seen that the identity of the god Zu with a bird is explained in accordance with the ideas of a modern time. It has become a transformation voluntarily undergone by the deity, for the sake, as it would seem, of securing a beautiful bride.

The Fallen Angels fell from grace and were punished by God for their want of unification with women. The Sons of God had Nephilim Giant offspring…but there is something wrong with this narrative…

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