The Forbidden Gate of God – Magic Spell of Mamit

The Babylonian Magic Spell of Mamit, the Forbidden Gate of God. A trap for the Entity of many names. The mamit occupies an observable place in babylonian thought. There are a variation of names for the demons in ancient Babylon here they are named together. The incantation is as follows: “0 curse, curse, the boundary that none can pass! The limit of the gods themselves, against which they may not transgress! The limit of heaven and earth which altereth not! The unique god against whom none may! Neither god nor man can undo it. A snare not to be passed through, which is set for evil. Who is the Evil one?…please watch the video for more information on the Gate of God which is a net over the world, commonly known as Leylines or the Earth Grid.

Image Credits:

Danaides_by_John_William_Waterhouse,1903-public domain- Pizzalines8-cca by sa 3.0-by-The Anome at English Wikipedia-GNU free 1.2- Sen-useret_III,_Egypt,_Middle_Kingdom,_12th_Dynasty,_c._1874-1855_BCENelson-Atkins_Museum_of_ArtDSC08148-United States public domain tag – Solomons Knot Richard Croft-cca by 2.0-geograph-uk-
Tabernacle_Schematic-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free 1.2-
Forbidden Gate of God-intro/thumbnail/backgrounds-by-A.Mystery-
+Pixbay images/video

Music Credit:

‘Fury of God’
Jay Man – OurMusicBox
source: ourmusicbox

Information: Public domain

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