Zu Stole the Anunnaki Tablets of Destiny

Zu Stole the Anunnaki Tablets of Destiny “Zu was a storm-god symbolized in the form of a bird. He may typify the advancing storm-cloud, which would have seemed to those of old as if hovering like a great bird above the land which it was about to strike. The North-American Indians possess such a mythological conception in the Thunder-bird, and it is probable that the great bird called roc, so well known to readers of the Arabian Nights, was a similar monster perhaps the descendant of the Zu-bird.I remind you that Zu is known in all lands. Certain it is that we can trace the roc or rukh to the Persian Simurgh, which is again referable to a more ancient Persian form, the amru or sinamru the bird of immortality, and we may feel sure that what is found in ancient Persian lore has some foundation in Babylonian belief. The Zu-bird was evidently under the control of the sun, and his attempt to break away from the solar authority is related in the following legend. It is told of the god Zu that on one occasion ambition awaking in his breast caused him to cast envious eyes on the power and sovereignty of Bel, so that he determined to purloin the Tablets of Destiny…please watch the video for more information on Zu and the Anunnaki Tablets of Destiny. “Bird is the Word” Logos…”food for thought”…

Who are the Anunnaki gods? They were never worshipped as a group, Anu, Enki, Enlil…maybe the same entity…

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0_seven_great_monarchies_0-public domain-
Bottega_milanese,rotella_da_parata_con_testa_di_medusa,_1570-80_ca-cca by sa 3.0-by-Sailko- Crown_of_Sit-Hathor_Yunet(Senusret_II’s_daughter)-cca by 2.0-by-Hans Ollermann-flickr-v
emerald tablets-public domain-
Hat Man-3850564-cco-
Marduk-apla-iddina_II-public domain-
Simon_Bening_-The_Temptation_of_Christ-publicdomain- Sinbad_the_Sailor(5th_Voyage)-UnitedStatespublicdomaintag-
Stele_of_Vultures_detail_02-cca by sa 3.0-by-sting-
sumer_shamash_fighting_birds-public domain-
Vase_dedicated_to_Ningirsu_by_Entemena-AO_2674-IMG_9129-gradient-cca by sa 2.5-by-Rama-
Vase_Entemena_Louvre_AO2674-Votive relief for the king Ur-Nanshe of Lagash, commemorating the construction of a temple.-

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Youtube CC0

Lewis Spence, Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria, 1917, pp. 193-5.

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