The Demon Lamashtu of Ancient Babylonia

The Anunnaki Demon Lamashtu. In Mesopotamian mythology, Lamashtu was a female demon, monster, malevolent goddess or demi-goddess who allegedly menaced women during as well as being charged with a number of other evil deeds. She was a daughter of the Anunnaki Sky God Anu. Lamashtu is depicted as a mythological hybrid, with a hairy body, a lioness’ head with donkey’s teeth and ears, long fingers and fingernails, and the feet of a bird with sharp talons. She is often shown standing or kneeling on a donkey, nursing a pig and a dog, and holding snakes. She thus bears some functions and resemblance to the Mesopotamian demon Lilith. Lamashtu’s father was the Anunnaki Sky God Anu. Unlike many other usual demonic figures and depictions in Mesopotamian lore, Lamashtu was said to act in malevolence of her own accord, rather than at the gods’ instructions. Along with this, her name was written together with the cuneiform determinative indicating a deity. This means she was a goddess or a demigoddess in her own right. She bore seven names and was described as seven witches in incantations. Pazuzu, a god or demon, was invoked to protect birthing mothers and infants against Lamashtu’s malevolence, usually on amulets and statues. Although Pazuzu was said to be bringer of famine and drought, he was also invoked against evil for protection, and against plague, but he was primarily and popularly invoked against his fierce, malicious rival Lamashtu. Incantation against Lamaštu is as follows: The daughter of Heaven is one of the Gods, her brothers. With no child of her own.Her head is a lion’s head. Her body is a donkey’s body. She roars like a lion. She constantly howls like a demon-dog.

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3d_08_1775ConjurationContreLaLamashtu _ Plaque de conjuratio_ Flickr-by-Claude Valette-creativecommons-org-licenses-by-nd-2.0-_files
Azazel_IMG_1771-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free 1.2-by-
female demon-festival_sand_sculptures_touquet_4-public domain-
Lamashtu_plaque_cca by 2.0-byr-ama-
Louvre_unidentified_access_number_mp3h9176-cca by 2.0-by-R-ama-
pazuzu_demon_figurine_iraq-public domain-
pazuzu-british_museum_bronze_head_0-public domain-
pazuzu-british_museum_stone_head-public domain-
Anunnaki Demon Lamashtu-thumbnail/intro/background video-by-Ancient-Mystery-
+Pixabay images/video all CC0

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Youtube CC0 “Monster at the Door”


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