The Oracles of Enki the Anunnaki

The Oracles of Enki the Anunnaki god from ancient Mesopotamian mythology. Enki Anunnaki is the local character of Babylonian religion. The Anunnaki gods were never actually worshiped together as a whole or possibly at the same time. Enki was as much the local god of Eridu that Merodach/Marduk was of Babylon, or Assur of Assyria. His connection with the water was due to the position of Eridu at the mouth of the Euphrates and on the shore of the sea.

In other respects, he occupied the same place as the patron-deities of the other great cities. And these patron-deities were regarded as creators, as those by whose agency the present world had come into existence, and by whose hands the ancestors of their worshippers had been made.

This conception of a creating deity is one of the distinguishing features of early Babylonian religion. Mankind are not descended from a particular divinity, as they are in other theologies; but they are created by him. The hymn to Enki tells us that the gods primary centre and starting-point was in Eridu itself. It was as creators that the Akkadian gods were distinguished from the host of spirits.

From gime, gim, with the same meaning as dingir “Creator” and from this verb came the Sumerian name of Ishtar, Gingira. Ishtar is said to have been the mother of mankind in the story of the Deluge, and as Gula, “the great” goddess, she is addressed in a prayer as “the mother who has borne the men with the black heads.” It was in consequence of the fact that he was a creator that the Anunnaki Enki was, according to Accado-Sumerian ideas, a dingir or “god.”

In the cosmology of Eridu, therefore, the origin of the universe was the watery abyss. The earth lay upon this like a wife in the arms of her husband, and Dav-kina accordingly was adored as the wife of Enki. Their marriage is metaphorical or better yet, symbolic a union of two worlds. It was through her that the oracles of Enki, heard in the voice of the waves, and were communicated to man. Dav-kina is entitled “the mistress of the oracular voice of the deep,” and also “the lady who creates the oracular voice of heaven.”‘ The oracles delivered by the thunder, the voice of heaven, thus became the reflex of the oracles delivered through the roaring of the sea.”

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