IT: the Shadow Man – class of demons

The Shadow Man also known as the Shadow People or the Hat Man are an ambiguous class of demons from ancient Mesopotamian mythology who were sometimes thought of as good and sometimes as evil. In exorcism texts, the “good udug” is sometimes invoked against the “evil udug”. The word is generally ambiguous and is sometimes used to refer to demons as a whole rather than a specific kind of demon. Descriptions of it ascribe to it features often given to other ancient Mesopotamian demons: a dark shadow, absence of light surrounding it, poison, and a deafening voice. Of all Mesopotamian demons, the udug is the least clearly defined. The word originally did not connote whether the demon in question was good or evil. Surviving ancient Mesopotamian texts giving instructions for performing exorcisms frequently invoke the “good udug” to provide protection or other aid as the exorcism is being performed. Mesopotamian magical texts, however, also mention a specific “evil udug” as well as plural “udugs”, who are also referred to as evil. Sometimes the word udug does not even refer to a specific demon, but rather functions as an umbrella term for all the different demons in Mesopotamian demonology. The tradition of Udug Hul incantations spans the entirety of ancient Mesopotamian history; they are among the earliest texts known written in Sumerian in the third millennium BC, as well as among the last Mesopotamian texts of late antiquity, written in cuneiform with Greek transliterations. They frequently contain references to Mesopotamian mythology, such as the myth of Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld. F. A. M. Wiggerman has argued that images of Lama and the udug were frequently used to guard doorways…the gate-keepers. In a bilingual incantation written in both Sumerian and Akkadian, the god Asalluḫi describes the “evil udug” to his father Enki: IT is dark, IT’s shadow is pitch black and there is no light within IT’s body, IT always hides, taking refuge, [IT] does not stand proudly…Please watch the video for more information on the the Shadow Man known as Udug in ancient mesopotamia or visit the channel for over 330 videos all of which are connected at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY on Youtube.

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