The Evil Reptiles: Anunnaki/Anuna-ge gods

The Anunnaki or Anun-ge, the Destructive Evil Reptiles. The Anunnaki were also known as the Seven Matu Gods. Seven Harmful Spirits is as follows: “They are the destructive reptiles, even the winds that create evil! as an evil reptile, as an evil wind, do they appear! as an evil reptile, as an evil wind, who marches in front are they ! Children monstrous (git-mal-utu), monstrous sons are they! Messengers of the pest-demon are they! The throne-bearers of the gods are they. Evil are they, evil are they! Seven are they, seven are they, seven doubly said are they!” Throughout they are regarded as elemental powers, and their true character as destructive winds and tempests is but thinly veiled by a cloak of poetic imagery. But it will be noticed that they already belong to the harmful side of nature; and though the word which I have rendered “evil,” means rather “injurious” than “evil” in our sense of the word, they are already the products of night and darkness; their birth-place is the mountain behind which the sun sinks into the gloomy lower world. In the 22nd book of the great work on Astronomy, compiled for Sargon of Accad, they are termed “the seven great spirits” or galli, and it is therefore possible that they had already been identified with the “seven gods of destiny,” the Anúna-ge or “spirits of the lower world,” of the cult of Nipur. In their gradual development into the Semite Rimmon, the spirits of the air underwent a change of parentage. Mâtu, as we have seen, was, like his kindred wind-gods of Eridu, the offspring of Ea. But the home of the wind is rather the sky than the deep, and Meri, “the shining firmament,” was naturally associated with the sky. Watch video for more information…

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A.H. Sayce, Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion as Illustrated by the Religion of the Ancient Babylonians, 5th ed., London, 1898, pp. 207-8. PUBLIC DOMAIN

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