Cassiel the Archangel: Speed of God/God is my Anger

Cassiel the Archangel, Cassiel meaning “Speed of God” or “God is my anger” is an angel appearing in extra-canonical Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mystical and magical works, often as one of the Seven Archangels, the angel of Saturn, and in many other roles. Qaphsiel is invoked in an ancient Hebrew charm to tell if an enemy is running away. Gustav Davidson writes that Qafsiel is described as the ruler of the seventh heaven in 3 Enoch, citing Odeberg’s edition. However, Odeberg’s edition only states in a footnote that Qafsiel is “one of the guardians of the door of the seventh Hall” in Hekhalot Rabbati. In turn, Qaspiel is described in Hekhalot Rabbati as a guardian of the sixth palace, armed with a lightning-dripping sword which shouts “Ruin!” as well as a bow, tempests, light, and powerful winds weapons which he uses against anyone not fit to see God. Qaspiel is later described in the same work as one of three “guardians of the entrance of the seventh palace,” alongside Dumiel and Gabriel. Qaspiel is also listed in Ma’aseh Merkavah as a guardian of the second palace. Sefer Raziel lists Qephetzial as the prince of Saturn. The Zohar describes Kafziel as one of the two chief aids (alongside Hizikiel) to Gabriel.

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