The Hat Man: Ankou the King of the Dead

The Ankou is the henchman of Death and he is also known as the grave yard watcher, they said that he protects the graveyard and the souls around it for some unknown reason and he collects the lost souls on his land. The last dead of the year, in each parish, becomes the Ankou of his parish for all of the following year. When there has been, in a year, more deaths than usual, one says about the Ankou: “On my faith, this one is a na-sty Ankou.” There are many tales involving Ankou, who appears as a man or skeleton wearing a cloak and wielding a scythe, and in some stories he is described as a shadow, often atop a cart for collecting the dead. He is said to wear a black robe with a large hat which conceals his face. According to some, he was the first child of Adam and Eve. Other versions have it that the Ankou is the first dead person of the year (though he is always depicted as adult, and male) charged with collecting the others’ souls before he can go to the afterlife. He is said to drive a large, black coach pulled by four black horses; accompanied by two ghostly figures on foot. Ankou is the king of the dead, and his subjects have their own particular paths along which their sacred processions move. Please watch the video for more information on the Death Bird Ankou or visit the channel for many more related videos at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY on Youtube.
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FR-29237_ankou02-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free 1.2-by-La Roche-Maurice-
La_Martyre_(29)_Église_Saint-Salomon_Porche_sud_Bénitier_à_l’Ankou_03-cca by sa 3.0-by-GO69-
The Ankou Death Bird-thumbnail/video/intro-by-ANCIENT MYSTERY-
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Apocalypse by Jay Man (Youtube)

Channel: mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY

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