The Anunnaki: Son of Enki – Asaruludu

The Son of Enki. In Sumerian and Akkadian mythology, Asaruludu is one of the Anunnaki. His name is also spelled Asarludu, Asarluhi, and Namshub. The Anunnaki Asaruludu served as an exorcist in Sumerian religious rituals. As Namshub. The name meaning shining, he is considered a protective deity, “the shining god that illuminates our path”. The Enuma Elish describes Asaruludu as “the light of the gods”. Another version states he is “the wielder of the flaming sword” and “ensures the most perfect safety”. Early evidence does not associate Asaruludu with incantations and magic, but rather with the city of Kuara. Asaruludu, as the patron deity of Kuara, he may have been subsumed into the pantheon of Eridu which is (Enki’s city) and thus acquired his role as a god of incantations. Sometimes Asalluhi plays an intermediary role, introducing the patient to Enki/Ea. Later texts describe Asaruludu as the son of Enki/Ea, who shares Enki/Ea’s qualities of intelligence, counsel and “wide reason”, as well as expertise in incantations. Asaraludu often bears the epithets “son of Eridu” or the “son of Abzu,” Enki/Ea’s realm of subterranean waters.Asaruludu was later syncretized with Marduk; in the Enuma Elish, Asalluhi is one of Marduk’s fifty names. Please watch the video for more information or visit the channel for more Anunnaki videos among many myths and legends from our legendary past at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY on Youtube.

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