The Nomadic Orda: Assimilation of the Ancient World #Bandersnatch

The Nomadic Empires: #Bandersnatch Symbol✔ The Assimilation of the ancient world by Nomadic empires, sometimes also called steppe empires, Central or Inner Asian empires, are the empires erected by the bow-wielding, horse-riding, nomadic peoples in the Eurasian steppe, from classical antiquity (Scythia) to the early modern era (Dzungars). They are the most prominent example of non-sedentary polities. Some nomadic empires operated by establishing a capital city inside a conquered sedentary state, and then by exploiting the existing bureaucrats and commercial resources of that non-nomadic society. It is worth noting that there are only 2 countries in the modern world without capital cities as the pattern is repeated, the originally nomadic dynasty becomes culturally assimilated to the culture of the occupied nation before it is ultimately overthrown. Ibn Khaldun described a similar cycle on a smaller scale in his Asabiyyah theory. A term used for these polities in the early medieval period is khanate (after khan, the title of their rulers)and after the Mongol conquests also as orda (horde) as in Golden Horde. The Golden Army. Please watch the video for more information.

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2000px-Indo-European_branches_map.svg-cca by sa 3.0-GNU FREE 1.2–by-Alphathon
Hunnu_Empire-cca by sa 4.0-by-Khiruge-
Scythian_comb-United States public domain tag –
Scythia-Parthia_100_BC-Dbachmann-GNU free 1.2-cca by sa 3.0-Dbachmann-
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