Palaeolithic Gods: Mother Goddess and the Sitting Bull – Ancient Gods

The Paleolithic Mother Goddess and the Sitting Bull. Paleolithic religions are a set of spiritual beliefs thought to have appeared during the Paleolithic time period. Religious behaviour is thought to have emerged by the Upper Paleolithic, before 30,000 years ago at the latest, but behavioral patterns such as burial rites that one might characterize as religious or as ancestral to religious behavior, reach back into the Middle Paleolithic, as early as 300,000 years ago, coinciding with the first appearance of Homo neanderthalensis and possibly Homo naledi. It is speculated that religious behavior may combine (for example) ritual, spirituality, mythology and magical thinking or animism There are suggested cases for the first appearance of religious or spiritual experience in the Lower Paleolithic (significantly earlier than 300,000 years ago, pre-Homo sapiens) but these remain controversial and have limited support. According to James B. Harrod humankind first developed religious and spiritual beliefs during the Middle Paleolithic or Upper Paleolithic. Middle Paleolithic humans’ use of burials at sites such as Krapina, Croatia (c. 130,000 BP) and Qafzeh, Israel (c. 100,000 BP) have led some anthropologists and archaeologists, such as Philip Lieberman, to believe that Middle Paleolithic humans may have possessed a belief in an afterlife and a “concern for the dead that transcends daily life”. Please watch the video for more information or visit the channel for many more gods, goddesses from around the world.

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Roussillon_sentier_des_ocres3-cca by 2.5 genric-by-G CHP-G CHP-
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Palaeolithic Gods-intro/background-by-ANCIENT MYSTERY-
Tree of Life-video-background-by-ANCIENT MYSTERY-

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