The Angel Phanuel: Face of God and the Angel of Judgement

The Angel Phanuel, the Face of God and the Angel of Judgment. In Judaism and Christianity, Phanuel, is the name given to the fourth angel who stands before God in the Book of Enoch after the angels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. He is also considered to be the ruler of the Ophanim. Others spellings of Phanuel include 2 names very close to the name “Ophiel” Who is the dark fallen one, he is Olympian spirit. His name means “the Face of God”. He was one of the four voices Enoch heard praising God. first is Michael, the merciful and long-suffering: and the second, who is set over all the diseases and all the wounds of the children of men, is Raphael: and the third, who is set over all the powers, is Gabriel: and the fourth, who is set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life, is named Phanuel. (1 Enoch 40:9) As an angel, Phanuel is reputedly a member of the four Angels of Presence. In 1st Enoch, he is also listed as an angel of exorcism he is heard “expelling Satans” this is plural because Satan is a Title, very similar to Lord or King. Phanuel has also been linked with the Angel of Penance mentioned in the Shepherd of Hermas. Some associate Phanuel with Uriel, however, the Book of Enoch clearly distinguishes the two. Uriel means ‘the Light of God’ while Phanuel has a different meaning. Phanuel’s duties include bearing up God’s throne, ministering Truth, and serving as an angel of judgement. Furthermore, as The Book of Enoch attests, Phanuel is the angel of repentance unto hope of those who have inherited eternal life.

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