The Righteous One: Sydyk – born from the Wanderers or Titans

The Righteous One. Sydyk, the Lord of “Righteuosness” Sydyk, was the name of a deity appearing in a theogeny provided by Roman-era Phoenician writer, Philo of Byblos in an account preserved by Eusebius in his Praeparatio evangelica and attributed to the still earlier Sanchuniathon. Philo of Byblos gave the Greek meaning of the name as “Righteousness”, thus indicating that the word corresponds to the Semitic root for “righteousness”, √ṣdq. A Phoenician god named ṣ-d-q is well attested epigraphically; he is also mentioned by Philo as half of a pair of deities with Misor. Sydyk and Misor are described as being born from Amunos and Magos, who were in turn born from the “Wanderers” or “Titans”. Sydyk is described as the father of the “Dioskouroi or Kabeiroi or Korybants or Samothracians”, who are credited with the invention of the ship. The Phoenician Sydyk was equated with Roman Jupiter, and hence it has been suggested that Sydyk was connected to the worship of the planet Jupiter as the manifestation of justice or righteousness. A connection between Sydyk and the Assyro-Babylonian deity Kittu has been proposed.

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El,the_Canaanite_creator_deity,_Megiddo,_Stratum_VII,_Late_Bronze_II,_1400-1200_BC,_bronze_with_gold_leafOriental_Institute_Museum,_University_of_Chicago-_DSC07734-public domain-
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