King Solomon and the god Saturn: Who invented Letters?

King Solomon and the god Saturn. Solomon and Saturn is the generic name given to four Old English works, As you will see it is very interesting. They present a dialogue of riddles between Solomon, the king of Israel, and Saturn, identified in two of the poems as a prince of the Chaldeans. On account of earlier editorial tendencies, the two poetical works, Solomon and Saturn 1 and Solomon and Saturn 2, have often been read as a single, continuous poem. They are considered some of the most enigmatic and difficult poems of the Old English corpus. Unless of course, one has rolled with ancient mystery. Solomon and Saturn 1, and the Pater Noster Solomon and Saturn) in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge MS 422 are often compared to the Vafþrúðnismál and Alvíssmál and other similar poems in the Poetic Edda. Solomon and Saturn 1 is one of the few Old English poems to survive in more than one manuscript. It appears in CCCC 41 and CCCC 422. Along with the Pater Noster Solomon and Saturn, Solomon and Saturn 1 contains runes as a sort of riddling shorthand in which runic characters stand for the words in Old English that name them. From this, we know some of the names for the extended set of runes used to write Old English. The prose version has as one of its riddles: “Who invented letters? Mercurius the Giant”. Please watch the video for more information on the riddles between King Solomon and the god Saturn or visit the channel for more on video’s on King Solomon at mythology explored by ancient mystery on Youtube.

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