Thoth X Space Elevator and the Ladder of Jacob – ANCIENT MYSTERY

The ThothX Tower is a space launch platform tower design by Canadian aerospace company Thoth Technologies (ThothX). It is not a full space elevator, but a 20-kilometre-tall (12 mi) inflatable tubular tower structure 230 m (750 ft) in diameter, using elevators to transfer up and down to the stratospheric platform where rocket launch vehicles would land, refuel, load, and launch from to reach and return from orbit. It is projected that a launch from the top of the tower would save 30% of the fuel needed to reach orbit. From the top of the tower, the horizon would be 1,000 km (620 mi) away. The design has received UK and U.S. patent protection. The design is projected to cost US$5 billion and take 10 years to build. The full-sized tower would be about 20x taller than the tallest building as of 2015, Burj Khalifa of 910 m (3,000 ft)
The Ladder of Jacob is based on the Biblical dream of Jacob in Genesis 28:11-19.
Chapter 1 is an expansion of the narrative of Genesis. Jacob falls asleep and sees a ladder set up on the Earth; the top of it reaches to heaven with angels ascending and descending on it. Many details are added to the Genesis narrative: the ladder is made of twelve steps, and on each step there are two human forms, one on each side of the step, visible as far as their breasts. On the top of the ladder there was a “face”, “as of a man”, carved in the fire and much more terrifying than the twenty-four other busts. The Lord is over this central “face”.

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Burj_Khalifa-Donaldytong-GNU free 1.2-cca by sa 3.0-
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Lurking in the Darkness by Jay Man
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