Paranormal and Mystical Phenomena: Mystical Psychosis

Paranormal and Mystical Phenomena. Mystical psychosis is a term coined by Arthur J. Deikman in the early 1970’s to characterize first-person accounts of psychotic experiences that are strikingly similar to reports of mystical experiences

. According to Deikman, and authors from a number of disciplines, psychotic experience need not be considered pathological, especially if consideration is given to the values and beliefs of the individual concerned. Deikman thought the mystical experience was brought about through a “deautomatization” or undoing of habitual psychological structures that organize, limit, select, and interpret perceptual stimuli. There may be several causes of deautomatization exposure to severe stress, substance abuse or withdrawal, and mood disorders. The first episode of mystical psychosis is often very frightening, confusing and distressing, particularly because it is an unfamiliar experience. For example, researchers have found that people experiencing paranormal and mystical phenomena report many of the symptoms of panic attacks. On the basis of comparison of mystical experience and psychotic experience, Deikman came to a conclusion that mystical experience can be caused by “deautomatization” or transformation of habitual psychological structures which organize, limit, select and interpret perceptional incentives, that is interfaced to heavy stresses and emotional shocks. He described usual symptoms of mystical psychosis which consist in the strengthening of a receptive mode and weakening of a mode of action. Please watch the video for more information on the Paranormal and Mystical Phenomena known as Mystical psychosis at mythology explored by ancient mystery here on Youtube.

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