The Giant Tityos – Son of Zeus – Greek Myths and Legends

The Giant Tityos, “allegedly” Son of Zeus (He is not), Tityos or Tityus was a Giant from Greek mythology. Tityos was the son of Elara; his father was Zeus. Zeus hid Elara from his wife, Hera, by placing her deep beneath the earth. Tityos grew so large that he split his mother’s womb, and he was carried to term by Gaia, the Earth. Once grown, Tityos attempted to take leto without consent at the behest of Hera. He was slain by Leto’s protective children Artemis and Apollo. As punishment, he was stretched out in Tartarus and tortured by two vultures who fed on his liver, which grew back every night. This punishment is comparable to that of the Titan Prometheus. Jane Ellen Harrison noted that, “To the orthodox worshipper of the Olympians he was the vilest of criminals; as such Homer knew him”: I saw Tityus too, son of the mighty Goddess Earth, sprawling there on the ground, spread over nine acres two vultureshunched on either side of him, digging into his liver, beaking deep in the blood-sac, and he with his frantic hands could never beat them off, for he had once dragged off the famous consort of Zeus in all her glory, Leto, threading her way toward Pytho’s ridge over the lovely dancing-rings of Panopeus”. Tityos had a daughter named Europa who coupled with Poseidon and gave birth to a son Euphemus, one of the Argonauts. In the early first century, when the geographer Strabo visited Panopeus (ix.3.423) he was reminded by the local people that it was the abode of Tityos and recalled the fact that the Phaeacians had carried Rhadamanthys in their boats to visit Tityos, according to Homer. There on Euboea at the time of Strabo they were still showing a “cave called Elarion from Elara who was the mother to Tityos, and a hero-shrine of Tityos, and some kind of honors are mentioned which are paid him.” It is clear that the local hero-cult had been superseded by the cult of the Olympian gods. Please watch the video for more information on the Greek Giant Tityos or visit the channel for many more Myths and Legends from around the world at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY here on Youtube.
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