Identity of the Greek god Hermes – Secret Hermetic Teachings

The Identity of the Greek god Hermes, writer of the Secret Hermetic Teachings. Who is Hermes? M.P.Hall. Hermeticism, also called Hermetism, is a religious, philosophical, and esoteric tradition based primarily upon writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus “thrice-greatest Hermes” These writings have greatly influenced the Western esoteric tradition and were considered to be of great importance during both the Renaissance and the Reformation. The tradition claims descent from a prisca theologia, a doctrine that affirms the existence of a single, true theology that is present in all religions and that was given by God to man in antiquity.

An account of how Hermes Trismegistus received the name “Thrice Great” is derived from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, wherein it is stated that he knew the three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe. The three parts of the wisdom are alchemy, astrology, and theurgy.

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