The Legendary Dragon Slayers – Myths and Legends

The Legendary Dragonslayers. A dragonslayer is a person or being that slays dragons. Dragonslayers and the creatures they hunt have been popular in traditional stories from around the world: Dragonslayer-themed myths and legends are also sometimes seen as having a chaos theme in which a heroic figure struggles against a monster that epitomizes chaos. A dragonslayer is often the hero in a “Princess and dragon” tale. the dragonslayer kills the dragon in order to rescue a high-class female character from being devoured by it. One notable example of this kind of legend is the myth of Ragnar Loðbrók, who slays a giant serpent, thereby rescuing the maiden, Þóra borgarhjörtr, whom he later marries. There are, however, several notable exceptions to this common motif. In the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, for example, Saint George overcomes the dragon as part of a plot which ends with the conversion of the dragon’s grateful victims to Christianity, rather than Saint George being married to the rescued princess character. In a Norse mythology from the Völsunga saga, the dragonslayer, Sigurd, kills Fafnir a dwarf who has been turned into a dragon as a result of guarding the cursed ring that had once belonged to the dwarf, Andvari. Please watch the video for more information or visit the channel for more myths and legends at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY.

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