Herne the Hunter – The Horned god – Celtic Mythology

Herne the hunter and the Horned god from Celtic Mythology. In English folklore, Herne the Hunter is a ghost associated with Windsor Forest and Great Park in the English county of Berkshire. Herne is said to naturally have antlers upon his head, ride a horse, torment cattle, and rattle chains. The earliest mention of Herne comes from William Shakespeare’s 1597 play The Merry Wives of Windsor, there have been several later attempts to connect Herne to historical figures, pagan deities, or ancient archetypes. Various theories have been proposed to account for the origin of the character, none of which has been proved conclusive, and the source for many of the tales told of Herne remain unknown. Palæolithic origins and relationship with the Celtic Cernunnos. In his 1929 book The History of the Devil – The Horned God of the West Herne R. Lowe Thompson suggests that “Herne” as well as other Wild Huntsmen in European folklore all derive from the same ancient source, citing that “Herne” may be a cognate of the name of Gaulish deity Cernunnos in the same way that the English “horn” is a cognate of the Latin “cornu” (see Grimm’s Law for more details on this linguistic feature) explaining that “As the Latin cornu changes into horn so might Cerne change into Herne.” and adding “In any case the reader may also be prepared to recognize Cernunnos and the older magician, who emerge as the Wild Huntsman. My assumption is that these two forms have been derived from the same Palæolithic ancestor and can, indeed, be regarded as two aspects of one central figure, this will help us to understand the identification of Herlechin and Herne, whom I will take as the most familiar example of the huntsman.” Some modern Neopagans such as Wiccans accept Lowe Thompson’s equation of Herne with Cernunnos (which they further connect to the Greco-Roman god Pan) Please watch the video for more information or visit the channel page for a deeper look into the ancient myths and legends at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY on Youtube.

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