The Anunnaki gods – Utu/Shamash – Ancient Sumerian gods

The Anunnaki: Utu, later worshipped by East Semitic peoples as Shamash, the ancient Mesopotamian god of the sun, justice, morality, and truth, and the twin brother of the goddess Inanna, the Queen of Heaven. His main temples were in the cities of Sippar and Larsa. He was believed to ride through the heavens in his sun chariot and see all things that happened in the day. He was the enforcer of divine justice and was thought to aid those in distress. According to Sumerian mythology, he helped protect Dumuzid when the galla demons tried to drag him to the Underworld and he also appeared to the hero Ziusudra after the Great Flood. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, he helps Gilgamesh defeat the ogre Humbaba. Utu was the twin brother of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, whose domain encompassed a broad variety of different powers. In Sumerian texts, Inanna and Utu are shown as extremely close; in fact, their relationship frequently borders on incestuous. If God took human form, incest would be unavoidable Utu is usually the son of Nanna, the god of the moon, and his wife is, Ningal, but is sometimes also described as the son of An or Enlil. One Sumerian literary work refers to Utu, illuminating the Underworld and dispensing judgment there and Shamash Hymn 31 (BWL 126) states that Utu serves as a judge of the dead in the Underworld alongside the malku, kusu, and the Anunnaki. On his way through the Underworld, Utu was believed to pass through the garden of the sun-god, which contained trees that bore precious gems as fruit. Please watch the video for more information on Utu/Shamash the Sumerian Anunnaki Sun god or for other Anunnaki gods please visit the channel mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY.

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Ancient_Akkadian_Cylindrical_Seal_Depicting_Inanna_and_Ninshubur-public domain-
anu-enlil-enki-public domain-
Babylonian-public domain-
Dumuzi_aux_enfers-galla-demons-public domain-
Ea_(Babilonian)_-_EnKi_(Sumerian)-United States public domain tag-
F0182_Louvre_Code_Hammourabi_Bas-relief_Sb8_rwk-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free 1.2-by-Mbzt-
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Humbaba_deamon-AO_9034-IMG_0655-black-cca by sa 3.0-by-Rama-
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Orientmitja2300aC-cca by sa 3.-GNU free 1.2-by-Jolle-
Sargon_of_Akkad-public domain-
sargon-2560-public domain-
Tablet_of_Shamash-cca by sa 4.0-by-Natritmeyer-
VAM_Nisaba_Lagasch-cca by sa 3.0-GNU free 1.2-by-Wolfgang Sauber-
Wall_relief_with_two_winged_spirits_venerating_a_sacred_tree_and_King_Ashurnasirpal_II_inscription,_Nimrud,_Northern_Mesopotamia,_Neo-Assyrian_dynasty,_c._884-859_BC,_alabaster_-_Royal_Ontario_Museum_-public domain-
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Edited: Across the Darkness by Jay Man

Channel: mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY

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