The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ – Christian mythology

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Bartholomew. The fragment is a lost work from the New Testament apocrypha. The text, is known from three partial manuscripts, and additional fragments, all of which are in Coptic. The text contains visions by Bartholomew, and acts of Thomas, but is predominantly about The Passion, and the Eucharist. The text seems to have no semblance of gnostic interpretations, and instead appears to be a text aiming to fill in the supernatural details of the Passion, and to emphasise the value and meaning of church liturgy. The text starts with a description of Jesus’ own rather gory comprehension of his own fate, i.e. the crucifixion. It is followed by a tale in which someone attempts to stand in for Jesus (i.e. die in his place) but the priests are initially unable to kill him, even though they try stoning and putting him in an oven. Subsequently, the text describes Jesus descending into hell, finding Judas Iscariot there, and preaching to him. Jesus then rescues everyone from hell, except for Judas, Cain, and Herod the Great. This is followed by a flashback described by a gardener to the night when angels, fiery chariots, and God, descended to earth, and resurrected Jesus. Please watch the video for more information on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and much more Angels, Archangels, Giants and Demons here at mythology explored by ANCIENT MYSTERY on Youtube.

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